Repair & Overhaul

Delivering a fast, hi-tech service to increase operational performance.

Using latest technology test & diagnostic equipment, repair and overhaul of electronic equipment is carried out to component level by expert engineers and technicians in a static controlled environment. Our objective is always to provide a fast, reliable service that increases operational performance.

All production staff are trained and qualified to IPC610 (Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies).
This guarantees all work complies with internationally recognised standards.

Using automatic and semi-automatic equipment, a full functional test is performed to ensure validation and compliance.
Here is a sample of products:

DCUs (Door Control Units)

PSUs (Power Supply Units)

WSPs (Wheel Slide Protection Units)

Cab Display Units

Auxiliary Converter Equipment (ACE)

Train Management Systems

Traction Equipment

PIS (Passenger Information Systems)

HVAC Control equipment

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