Obsolescence Management

Extending equipment operational life and avoiding costly failures.

Due to the long life expectancy of rail vehicles it is imperative to effectively manage the risk of obsolescence.

Using its vast expertise and records of repair history, TP Matrix are able to assess most electronic components and provide an obsolescence plan to avoid potentially costly future events. (Case study – ready more about our Door Control Unit (DCU) obsolescence solutions)

Incorporating BS EN IEC 62402 Obsolescence Management, TP Matrix offer product support from initial manufacture through the whole operational life:

Obsolescence review

Obsolescence watch

Collaboration with qualified global sourcing agents

Repair or Overhaul rather than replace

Stock holdings of “at risk” components and last time buys

Sourcing of like for like or higher spec. components. Same Fit, Form and Function

Redesign/Reverse Engineering in whole or part to mitigate obsolescence

Obsolescence Management

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