Televic - Brexit Challenge

Successful collaboration with UK and EU clients.

Televic Belgium and Siemens Mobility UK were making steady progress on a modification program to the Thameslink fleet – Passenger Information Systems.

Brexit proposed a threat as the PIS units were being shipped to Belgium for modification and returned on completion.

TP Matrix were approached by Televic and Siemens in early 2020 with a view to switching the modification work to the UK, hence avoiding the transport headaches which have since become apparent for most businesses trading with the EU.

Within 2 months, a contract was signed, Test Equipment and training was provided by Televic and the program was running with seamless efficiency.

Siemens benefitted from having TP Matrix as its local UK supplier providing a weekly turnround service, much improved from the original arrangement.

Televic are now confident in the knowledge the program is being jointly managed by their UK Customer and Service Partner.

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