The first stop for train PIS repairs

The first stop for train PIS repairs

TP Matrix’s Passenger Information System (PIS) repair service is providing a strategic solution for customers based in the UK and overseas.

With PIS technology used throughout today’s train fleets, TP Matrix has extended its expertise and capacity to accommodate the growing number of repairs required.

Customers include UK-based train operators and manufacturers as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), some of whom are based overseas.

“We’ve developed a reliable service that is delivering improved turnaround times as well as operational cost savings for repairs carried out under warranty,” explained Liam McDonnell, TP Matrix’s technical director.

“For customers based outside the UK, our service is proving a far more efficient and greener option than sending systems overseas. 

PIS controller

A system repaired by TP Matrix

“Whether our customers are PIS users or manufacturers, we work closely with them to ensure we meet their specific repair requirements and carry out a full range of functional testing. For a recent commission we mirrored the OEM’s own process by used their own test rig and testing software.”

Increasingly sophisticated PIS technology is found on board every UK train, providing real-time updates via displays and audio announcements. Information ranges from line maps and connections to adverts and entertainment.

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